January 24, 2024

Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening can be both thrilling and disorienting. It may be precipitated by various life events - breakups, deaths, illness or major life changes can trigger it - as well as spontaneously through spiritual practices or spontaneous meditation sessions. Whatever its source, spiritual awakening often brings feelings of confusion or disconnection while at the same time offering one of the most rewarding periods in a person's life.

Kaiser notes that one of the key steps during this journey is trusting yourself. Although this can be difficult at first, as your old self remains stuck in their narrative of "The Story of Me", with practice it will become easier and easier to open yourself up to what the present moment brings--pain, joy, and uncertainty alike.

As your spiritual awakening unfolds, you'll experience more profound mystical experiences and deeper states of unity with the universe. Following spiritual awakenings often comes an integration phase; taking all that you've learned and applying it to daily life. Unfortunately this process may leave some lonely as they struggle to adapt their perspectives on life to your new outlook on life.

As time progresses, you'll likely begin to encounter more spiritual teachers in your life - they could range from kind strangers to someone you meet at a yoga class - but their arrival should come naturally and spontaneously.


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