April 4, 2024

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is an inner journey that happens as a response to life's challenges and opportunities, in search of finding your purpose and living your life with purpose and meaning. The process can happen at its own pace; for best results cultivate an open mindset while engaging in practices like meditation or journaling which support spiritual growth and transformation.

One of the first signs of spiritual awakening is experiencing a deeper sense of connection to a higher power or force - this could be God, nature or even just yourself! Additionally, you may notice an increase in compassion and empathy towards others.

Your intuition grows stronger and you become more open to receiving messages from your unconscious mind in dreams or physical sensations. Additionally, expect more synchronicity, deja vu experiences and interactions with spiritual helpers such as spirit guides.

As your spiritual awakening progresses, you may begin to question everything that once held true for you. While this process can be uncomfortable and bewildering at times, ultimately it can result in you eliminating anything no longer fitting with who you are today and the reality you live in.

As your priorities align more closely with who you really are, your priorities may also change as you align more closely with who you really are. For instance, this could include ditching relationships that no longer honor or serve your soul and looking instead for those that do so instead.


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