February 11, 2024

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening can come unexpectedly at any point during their lives; whether as the result of a crisis, trauma, or gradual questioning of values and beliefs in modern society.

People often become dissatisfied with certain aspects of their life and seek more meaningful experiences, leading them to seek spiritual teachers, practices or beliefs to alleviate existential suffering. This could involve discovering an idiosyncratic religion or adopting principles from various faith traditions into their practice.

People experiencing spiritual awakenings may also discover a sense of connection and interdependence with others, leading them to develop deeper empathy for fellow humans and animals as well as with nature itself. According to Kaiser, senses and awareness tend to heighten during spiritual awakenings which manifests itself through various bodily sensations including sensitivities to physical, emotional and energetic stimuli.

People experiencing spiritual awakening often experience an intensified calling to serve other people and the planet through acts such as social activism, healing, philanthropy or any other means that seem necessary. Many individuals going through an awakening also develop an insatiable curiosity for life itself and can remain curious even during challenging or painful experiences.


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