February 5, 2024

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening begins when one begins questioning their status quo and beliefs, often as a result of significant life events or an unhappy state of affairs in the world.

Awakening can be subtle or dramatic, involving religious experiences, meditation, prayer, psychedelics or any number of spiritually-based practices - including religious experiences themselves - meditation, prayer, psychedelics or any number of other practices that resonate spiritually for you. But awakening may also occur through other means - from other forms of spiritual practice such as yoga to experiencing nature first-hand or meeting someone that strikes a chord within you - or simply passing by someone that seems meaningful on an otherwise mundane day-outing encounter!

As part of this stage, you may become consumed with seeking the truth and may explore different spiritual paths in search of what resonates best with you. In doing so, you may begin questioning everything you once took for granted about the world and society such as reality, your place in it, its purpose in your life and who you are as well as questioning those around you such as government agencies or relationships; confront traumatic memories you've buried deep within; your views about both yourself and others will undoubtedly evolve dramatically over time.

This phase can be difficult and challenging, often called The Dark Night of the Soul. To navigate it effectively it may take years or decades - in which case it's essential that your goals and spiritual journey remain top of mind as any distraction could cause you to slip back into old beliefs and patterns.


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