March 15, 2024

Spiritual Awakening - 3 Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a lifelong process. Although sometimes difficult, it becomes less so over time. There are several key stages which indicate greater consciousness and spiritual growth as you travel on this path.

Stage 1 - The Call

Spiritual awakening typically starts with the "call", a deep sense of restlessness or discontent which manifests in daily life, often followed by the realization that your current lifestyle no longer suits your needs and something must change - at this stage is when individuals typically begin exploring various spiritual teachings, habits and tools in search of what resonates most deeply with their soul.

Stage 2 - The Ego Death

In the second stage of spiritual awakening, you will begin letting go of things no longer serving you - including relationships, jobs and beliefs that no longer serve. Although this can be painful to go through at times, this time can also be very liberating as your ego begins to let go. Now is when true transformational change can begin taking place within you - rebuilding from love and light.

Stage 3 - The Sponge Stage

This phase will require you to absorb life-changing information and experiment with various teachers, rituals, meditations and healing practices to see which work for you. Trust your instinct and remember that just because something worked for someone else does not guarantee its effectiveness for you as well.


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