January 30, 2024

Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakenings don't happen overnight; rather, they're an ongoing journey of self-discovery that we experience throughout our lives. Spiritual awakening is often associated with positive results in terms of personal development, emotional health and an enhanced relationship with the universe.

Spiritual awakenings can cause various psychological and physical symptoms, from heightened senses to involuntary tremors or shivering, feeling of interconnectedness with your surroundings, to an enhanced feeling of power and grace. Furthermore, you may sense an overwhelming connection with all life on Earth - from animals and plants alike!

As you undergo spiritual awakening, your ego will gradually lose its grip over your thoughts and behavior, giving you more freedom to transcend its grip on you and live from a more transcendental standpoint. While this experience can be immensely liberating and healing, it can also take time for it to settle in fully.

Your spiritual awakening could involve engaging with various philosophies and practices, from meditation and mindfulness to non-duality, shadow work, body work or transpersonal philosophies. Additionally, self-healing techniques may also play a part in this journey of transformation.

On their awakening journey, many individuals can unexpectedly find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly surrounded by spiritual teachers at unexpected moments. From an unlikely acquaintance in the supermarket or church service to religious figures who will appear just when needed for guidance, spiritual guides often appear just at the right moment to guide people along their spiritual paths.


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