November 19, 2023

Sometimes I Lie - A Dark and Twisted Twist From the Author of Sometimes I Lie

From the New York Times and international bestselling author of Sometimes I Lie, comes a dark and twisted thriller.

Aimee Sinclair is an up-and-coming actress on the verge of being full-on famous, taking meetings with David Fincher and her agent throwing script offers her way left and right. She’s a smart cookie with a good head on her shoulders and, well, she might just be the most unlucky girl alive. One day as she wraps up filming her latest project, Aimee comes home to discover her husband is missing. His car, wallet and phone are all there but he’s gone. He wasn’t supposed to be leaving but she doesn’t know why.

She starts going through places they used to spend time together, looking for him or something that will remind her of him. The lyrics suggest a longing and desperation to reconnect with this person that’s become a part of her. The repeated line, “It won’t make it alright” emphasizes this feeling of hopelessness.

For twelve years the Golden State Killer stalked and murdered victims throughout California before disappearing. When amateur DNA sleuth Barbara Rae-Venter starts investigating her own family history, her breakthrough could solve the mystery of one of the nation’s most notorious serial killers.


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