April 17, 2023

Soft Stepping Irons – 5 Benefits For Golfers of All Levels

Soft stepping irons have many benefits for golfers of all levels.

First, they allow you to fine tune your golf shafts so that they can match your swing speed and style of play. This means that you can use a stiff flex for slower swing speeds and a regular flex for faster ones.

Second, it allows you to get more control over your ball flight and launch angle so that you can hit your shots with more accuracy. This helps you to make better contact with the ball and improve your scorecard.

Third, it reduces the vibration of the clubhead as you strike it with your shots. This reduces the amount of sound that is sent to your ears when you strike the ball and makes it easier for you to track your shots.

Fourth, soft stepping irons also help you to achieve a more consistent swing. This allows you to avoid slicing the ball and other common mistakes that most golfers make when they hit their irons.

Fifth, soft stepping irons can also help you to gain distance by increasing the launch of your ball. This can help you to improve your overall scorecard and increase your confidence as a golfer.

The best way to know if soft stepping irons are right for you is to do a custom fitting. A fitter will have various configurations of the clubs to hit and show you how they perform.


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