September 12, 2023

Smoke Herbs With Pre-Rolled Herbs

For centuries herbal blends have been smoked as a way to relax. It is believed that the herbs contain a wide variety of chemicals called “terpenes” which can relieve pain, reduce anxiety and tension, enhance mood and boost immune system function. There are several ways to smoke herbs, including using a pipe, rolling your own joints, or a vaporizer. Using the vaporizer is the most efficient and cleanest way to smoke as it eliminates the need for combustion, releasing only water vapor and heat. It also allows you to customize your herbal smoking experience by choosing your own ratio of carrier, supportive and flavoring herbs.

The herbal smoke is a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes and can help in the process of eliminating them completely. It does not contain nicotine so it is not physically addictive, and it does not carry the same risks as traditional tobacco cigarettes such as emphysema and lung cancer.

Rolling your own herb is a rewarding and fun process, but it can be challenging to get the hang of it at first. Having pre-rolled herbs available can save time and effort, and makes it more accessible for those new to the art of herbal smoking.

Our herbal pre-rolls are made with high-quality herbs that provide a smooth, full-flavored and relaxing experience. Contains no tobacco or nicotine and comes in natural papers with a criss-cross watermark to prevent uneven burning. Each tube holds 6 Smokes. Our herbal smoke blends are crafted with soothing passionflower and rose petals to calm the nervous system, mullein for lung health and mugwort to promote vivid dreaming.


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