September 12, 2023

Smoke Blue Lotus For Relaxation and Calm

Smoking blue lotus can be a pleasant experience that can provide a sense of relaxation and calm. It is often smoked alone, or mixed with other herbs like chamomile and lavender to enhance its effects. It is also available in dietary supplement products and can be used as a tea or infused in alcohol to drink.

Blue lotus is an exquisite plant that has been revered for its psychoactive properties, spiritual significance and beauty for thousands of years. It is believed to enhance third eye function and encourage lucid dreaming, and has been known to decompress the nervous system and promote relaxation.

Blue Lotus is available in a variety of forms, including dried flower or leaf, in extracts for use in vaporizer devices and as a dietary supplement. In its dried form, it can be smoked as part of an herbal blend or brewed in a cup of hot water as a tea. Some people prefer to ingest it as a tincture, combining it with other calming or sleep-promoting herbs like chamomile and lavender.

It can also be infused in alcoholic beverages to be consumed as a cocktail or tincture. However, infusion is not as effective as smoking the dried herb. Anecdotal information on Internet drug forums suggests that the dose required to produce an effect ranges from 1 to 3 g of dried blue lotus flowers. It is important to note that this flower is listed on the DoD Prohibited Dietary Supplement Ingredients list and would appear in a drug test.


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