September 12, 2023

Smokable Tea Blends

Tea has many health benefits, but smoking it can be harmful to lungs, cause cancer and other respiratory issues. Smokable tea blends provide an alternative to smoking tobacco without the negative side effects. However, they still contain toxins and inhaling smoke is not good for your lungs. If you are a smoker looking to quit, or just want a healthier alternative to cigarettes, try these herbal smoking blends made of Rose Petals, Mugwort and other herbs.

Lapsang Souchong

Reminiscent of campfires and bonfires, this bold smoky black tea is full of toasty woodsmoke notes and natural sweetness. Unlike most other black teas that are withered and then steamed or fired, the leaves for this smoky tea are smoke-dried over pinewood to give it its distinct flavor.

Green Tea Smoking Blend

A great herbal smoking blend for promoting relaxation and helping to relieve stress. This mix contains a combination of soothing herbs, including organic Mullein which opens the bronchial passages and improves breathing. It also includes Organic Green Tea which has antioxidant properties, and relaxing organic Rose petals. This herbal smoking blend can be smoked on it’s own, or brewed as a tea for a delicious, relaxing bedtime tea.

Please note: This article is meant for educational purposes only. We encourage you to try our smokable tea blends and to experiment with the different flavors of smoky teas and herbal smoking blends. We are not recommending that you smoke any type of tea leaves, as inhaling any smoke can be harmful to your lungs.


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