January 25, 2024

Sierra Tucson Reviews

sierra tucson reviews

Sierra Tucson Reviews in Tucson, Arizona is an addiction treatment center serving both men and women. Their services range from residential treatment to partial hospitalization as well as family therapy, group therapy and individual therapy sessions. Sierra also takes an integrative approach that blends Western with Eastern medicine such as acupuncture and yoga therapy for therapeutic care.

Sierra Tucson has been providing addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment since 1983. Their luxury facility promises to help people recover in elegant settings, offering numerous treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and equine-assisted therapy. Their staff members are all highly educated and certified experts who use both traditional and evidence-based practices in helping clients overcome addictions.

Sierra Tucson provides its patients with many amenities, including a fitness center and massage rooms, dining hall serving nutritious meals for patients, as well as an outdoor area to relax in and take advantage of nature. Furthermore, their staff is always on hand to address any inquiries or concerns from patients.

The treatment center employs a rolling admission policy, meaning new participants join every day. While this may cause disruption for other members, it also brings together more diverse individuals who can share experiences. Furthermore, there are special groups for first responders and LGBTQIA+ community members at the facility.


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