March 17, 2024

Sierra Tucson Reviews

Sierra Tucson Reviews in Tucson, Arizona is an outstanding rehab center offering addiction and mental health treatment services. Their secluded location allows clients to focus solely on their recovery without distraction from everyday life stressors. This innovative approach provides patients with a comfortable setting to begin their healing and rehabilitation in. The facility offers various addiction treatment programs tailored specifically for each individual. These programs specialize in services specifically targeted at licensed professionals, first responders and the LGBTQIA+ community. Furthermore, the facility provides semi-private rooms for accommodation as well as therapeutic activities including equine therapy, adventure therapy and spirituality therapy.

Sierra Tucson staff members are well-trained and qualified in various modalities to provide comprehensive treatment to their patients. Over 27 therapists on site - each possessing master-level degrees or higher - specialize in specific areas such as posttraumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorders; additionally art therapy and music therapy services are also provided by Sierra Tucson.

Sierra Tucson provides tailored treatment tailored specifically for each patient, addressing the source of their addiction or disorder. Detoxification begins the program, helping remove drugs and alcohol from your system while managing any withdrawal symptoms that may surface. Patients will be supported throughout this period and monitored by medical staff during detox.


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