February 1, 2024

Sierra Tucson Reviews

At this facility, their multidisciplinary team takes an integrated biopsychosocial-spiritual approach when devising treatment plans. Their innovative integrated treatment model blends western and eastern medicine together with 12-Step philosophy as well as various therapies such as EMDR, Equine-Assisted Therapy and yoga for effective care plans.

Although Sierra Tucson reviews tend to focus on drug and alcohol addictions, they also treat other mental health conditions, including eating disorders. Many individuals enrolling in their program are there in order to recover from multiple conditions at once - rest assured that whatever form your struggle takes, Sierra Tucson staff will offer quality care and assist you in conquering them!

Housing at our facility is spacious and comfortable, featuring shared rooms for maximum privacy and independence during your stay.

Residents at treatment facilities receive nutritious meals as part of their care, which is especially crucial given that people recovering from addictions and other disorders tend to engage in unhealthy eating patterns that lead to nutritional deficiency. By offering such meals in treatment facilities, residents can ensure their bodies receive all of the essential vitamins and minerals for healing.

Sierra Tucson provides residential and outpatient treatment, but also has a unique program specifically for military personnel, first responders, veterans, and their families. This specializes in addressing specific challenges these individuals experience during recovery as well as helping them overcome them with individual, group, and family therapy sessions. Furthermore, this facility also offers a four-day Family Program designed to enhance long-term recovery by healing families as a unit.


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