March 30, 2024

Sierra Tucson Review

sierra tucson reviews

Sierra Tucson provides a comprehensive selection of therapeutic solutions, such as group therapy, individual counseling, spirituality and experiential therapies such as equine, art and adventure therapies. Their expert programming addresses mental health, addiction, trauma pain family continuity care as well as veteran and first responder programs & licensed professional burn out.

Our facility covers 160 acres and boasts stunning views of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Rooms at our facility are semi private with full bathrooms and feature traditional southwest furnishings. Additionally, lodges provide warm and friendly gathering spaces; there is also a pool, fitness facilities, salon spa equine area as well as other services available such as group counseling EMDR chiropractic nutritional therapy transcranial magnetic stimulation physical therapy among many others.

William Anderson, executive director of Arizona Star, in a statement said the center prioritizes resident safety. According to Anderson, they were compliant with state regulations. Furthermore, they maintain positive relationships with authorities at Arizona State and have had no violations since 2011.

Sierra Tucson provides standard treatment programs as well as specialty ones tailored specifically for active military members, veterans and first responders suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or any other mental health issue. These specialized care services feature integrative trauma-informed care delivered by staff who have themselves served in either military service or as first responders themselves; their goal is to help veterans, service members and first responders find peace of mind and reconnect with family and community members.


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