March 11, 2024

Sierra Tucson Addiction Treatment

Tucson restaurants provide an incredible array of Asian flavors. Choose from traditional Chinese fare like chicken feet or juicy BBQ pork buns to delicious Americanized options like fried rice and sweet and sour pork. Lucky Panda, an exciting new downtown restaurant serving authentic Cantonese dishes is also worth trying for an afternoon treat!

Sierra Tucson treatment begins with detox. Here, drugs and alcohol will be removed from their bodies while withdrawal symptoms will be managed by experienced staff members. Once this process has concluded, patients can begin addiction treatment at Sierra Tucson.

Sierra Tucson provides an integrative approach to addiction treatment that includes medical, psychiatric and clinical work as well as various therapies such as EMDR and somatic experiencing. Furthermore, behavioral therapy, nutritional counseling and sleep hygiene services are provided. Sierra Tucson treats drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders as well as co-occurring conditions like depression anxiety panic disorders trauma chronic pain etc.

Genesight and Eagala have accredited this facility, accepting most major insurance providers as well as offering sliding scale payments for treatment. Furthermore, staff at this facility is experienced and knowledgeable to guide clients along their recovery journey.


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