March 19, 2023

Sierra Mist Nutrition Facts

sierra mist nutrition facts

Sierra Mist Nutrition Facts

Sierra Mist is a lemon-lime soda with no added sugar. It's a better choice than many popular sodas because it has fewer calories, sodium, and carbohydrates.

Calories in Sierra Mist

Each 12 oz can contains 140 calories. This is less than some other popular sodas, like Sprite, which has 144 calories per can.

Fat: Zero g sat fat and 0 g protein.

There's no fat in Sierra Mist, so it's a healthier option than other sugary sodas.

Sodium: 35 mg (1% DV) in each can.

Sodium is an essential mineral that helps regulate heart function, blood pressure, and body fluid balance. It also prevents dehydration, which is important for healthy functioning.

Yellow #5

There are no artificial dyes in Sierra Mist, which is a good thing because they can cause behavioral issues for some people. However, you should always read the ingredients label carefully to ensure there's no added dye.

Caffeine: No

There is no caffeine in Sierra Mist, so it's safe for those looking to avoid caffeine. This is because it's not an energy drink and does not contain caffeine naturally.

Other Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, potassium citrate, and potassium benzoate.

The ingredients in Sierra Mist are very similar to those in Sprite, which is another popular soda. The only difference is that Sierra Mist has fewer calories and carbs than Sprite.

In general, it's best to avoid all sugary drinks and focus on eating nutritious foods instead. That's why I developed ShopWell, a tool that will help you find better-for-you options for your favorite beverages!


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