July 9, 2022

Shifting Meditation: Various Realities

Shifting Meditation

People that meditate do so for different reasons. To relax, to calm down, or to seek guidance. Sometimes, meditation can be used to rid your brain of negative thoughts. You may feel like your life is spiraling out of control, or maybe you are just dealing with a great deal of stress. Meditation is a great tool for helping deal with these thoughts. However, what if there was a different approach? A more, permanent approach. What if we could not only learn to handle our negative thoughts but permanently throw them out.  Check out the Shifting Meditation below.

Shifting Meditation


Shifting meditation is a specific type of meditation. If you are curious and looking into shifting, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, shifting meditation relies on the basis that there are multiple realities and planes of existence. If you believe that, then this could be perfect for you. 

Astral projection is when you have a voluntary out-of-body experience. Similar to lucid dreaming, which is when you are having a dream that you are fully aware is a dream. You are able to manipulate the dream, as you are in control and aware it’s not real. Shifting meditation combines these two experiences. With this specific meditation, you meditate into a deep state, where you are able to visit different planes or alternate realities. 

People opt to practice shifting meditation for various reasons. Sometimes they chose to go back into a childhood memory. Or sometimes they decide to take any baggage that they might be dealing with at the moment, and discard it into another dimension. In a way, they are throwing out the trash. People who have successfully shifted swear by the process. You do need to be careful and really understand the process. Many people find it helpful to write notes of your intended shift. Like a road map, so you don’t get lost. 

Shifting Meditation


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