March 23, 2023

Samurai Meditation

samurai meditation

Meditation has been a tool used by men across many cultures and religions for thousands of years. It has been a popular form of self-development and a way to instill fearlessness into the heart and mind. Samurai warriors, for example, practiced meditation to develop their fortitude and self-control.

The Warrior's Meditation

A trained fighter will be calm even during an intense battle. He knows his training has given him this level of strength, and he can maintain this state in the face of a violent attack.

The expert warrior will spread his attention evenly throughout the battlefield but remain as calm as the surface of a still lake. He has learned to focus his mind on a single thing without getting tangled up in thoughts and feelings that could distract him from the task at hand.

Zen Meditation

The samurai, as well as other martial arts masters, practiced a type of meditation called zazen. It aimed to improve the clarity of their minds in combat and promote what Zen Buddhists call "Mushin."

Samurai Meditation Techniques

There are three main samurai meditation techniques. The first is concentration, where the meditator counts his breaths and allows any thoughts to pass through his mind. The next is insight, where the meditator explores one specific thought or feeling.

Lastly, there is serene reflection, which involves just sitting and not thinking. This is where the samurai meditation techniques really take on a spiritual quality and allow the mind to become one with the surroundings.


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