March 30, 2024

Samsara Meaning

Samsara is the Sanskrit word for the endless cycle of death and rebirth that all humans must experience, central to Hinduism and other religions that believe in reincarnation. Based on karma principles, it holds that our actions in this life will have consequences in future lives; good actions could bring happiness while bad ones could result in discomfort in future lives. One key way of breaking out of Samsara is understanding its nature while controlling your thoughts, desires, and emotions to break free of this endless loop.

Hindu scriptures teach that by giving up all desires and attachments, your soul will break free of samsara's cycle, ultimately leading to moksha (emancipation from suffering and ignorance). According to Upanisads teachings, desire for life's trifles is at the root of samsara; trapped into it due to both good and bad karmic deeds is then trapped forever in its cycle.

The Jain religion is another Indian faith that believes in samsara. Their doctrine emphasizes harmlessness (ahimsa) towards all living beings and encourages self-control to help advance one's spiritual journey. Digambara and Svetambara are two major Jain sects which adhere to this view of things; and ultimately Moksha can only be achieved when free from materiality.


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