January 25, 2024

Saint Blaise Prayer

saint blaise prayer

Saint Blaise of Antioch was both a bishop and martyr who lived between AD 310-320. As a youth, Blaise became known for his kindness towards the poor and needy as well as healing ability. While being taken prison by order of Emperor Licinius due to his Christian beliefs, one mother presented her dying child containing a fish bone in its throat to Saint Blaise, which the saint managed to breathe out using only breathpower! This miracle caused widespread fame of Saint Blaise; even one of Europe recognized one Fourteen Holy Helpers!

People would often come to St. Blaise during the Middle Ages when they had any difficulty, knowing he could provide solutions. He became known as patron for those suffering illness and injuries to the throat; modernly we remember him through the Blessing of Throats that takes place annually on his feast day on February 3, where two candles are blessed and then placed against one's throat in prayerful hopes that "through Saint Blaise bishop and martyr, may God grant you freedom from any affliction in your throat".

Saint Basil the Great was revered not only as a healer and protector but also for his ability to protect against wild animals. Art depictions often feature him with either two dogs or bears for protection.


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