March 29, 2024

Saint Blaise Prayer

saint blaise prayer

Saint Blaise was an outstanding physician and bishop renowned for addressing both physical and spiritual needs of his community. His life and ministry epitomize values such as compassion, healing, and faith that continue to resonate today with many. His story continues to motivate many in similar roles today.

Saint Blaise lived and died during the early fourth century. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, he displayed courage and devotion to his faith despite persecution, becoming an inspiration for Christians everywhere to stand firm in their devotion. His example shows us to seek spiritual solace when times get rough.

Legend states that when a mother brought her son choking to St. Blaise for healing, he managed to relieve him of his symptoms. Subsequently he was tortured and executed by Agricolaus of Cappadocia for refusing to recant his Christianity; these attacks included beating with iron wool combs used for straightening out sheep wool for spinning purposes and skin scraping devices used on victims. His feast day is celebrated annually on February 3rd as his feast day is honored as patron saint of throats, animals, veterinarians, builders as well as builders with him typically depictions carrying crossed candles or his bishop mitre and crozier.

At Blessing of Throats, priests or deacons hold two candles blessed on Candlemas (February 2) over the head or throats of those they are blessing, invoking Saint Blaise's intercession against diseases of the throat. A variation on this ritual involves bishops simply extending their hands over those they bless as an act of blessing.


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