March 22, 2024

Saint Blaise Prayer

Saint Blaise's story remains relevant today, reminding believers to seek spiritual and emotional healing. His unflinching devotion to his faith even in times of persecution serves as an inspiring example of courage and devotion. Saint Blaise was both physician and bishop, caring for both physical and spiritual wellbeing of his community while performing miracles of healing - showing great holiness through preaching and personal example that still resonates today. Many have sought his intercession for physical or spiritual wellbeing throughout history.

Saint Blaise was arrested and beaten to death for refusing to renounce his Christian faith to the governor of Sebastea (modern day Sivas, Turkey). Before being led away for execution he healed a young boy choking on a fishbone; as a result of this miracle Saint Blaise is now known as patron saint of throats and animal healers, as well as wool combers; his intercession is often sought for toothaches relief or protection against wild animals.

The Blessing of Throats is an annual Catholic parish church ritual celebrated on February 3rd to mark St Blaise's feast day, known as Blaise Day. A priest holds two candles crossed across their throats while invoking Saint Blaise, bishop and martyr: may God deliver you from all diseases of your throat as well as all other illnesses." This practice serves as an act of devotion within Roman Catholicism.


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