March 16, 2024

Saint Blaise Prayer

On Saturday, February 3rd is celebrated the Feast of Saint Blaise: Physician and Bishop who Died for Faith. Unfortunately not much is known about this saint other than that he was both physician and bishop; as both roles made him extremely helpful to people both physically and spiritually in need. His dual roles as healer were an inseparable pair - knowing full well that true healing requires attending to both aspects of health simultaneously.

At the time of Roman Emperor Licinius' persecution of Christians, St Blaise lived as a hermit in the woods among wild animals that he befriended and cared for. One day hunters discovered his hermitage and captured him to take to Governor. On his way, Blaise miraculously talked a wolf into freeing a pig belonging to a poor woman who visited prison with food and candles; her son also came seeking help after having swallowed a fish bone; following Blaise's command he managed to cough it up!

To honor Blaise's martyrdom, priests began the practice of blessing those present with two candles joined at their bases to form a cross and praying, "Through St Blaise Bishop and Martyr, may you be delivered from any throat ailments." This tradition still takes place today either during Mass or separately as an offertory service.


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