March 19, 2023

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation

sa ta na ma meditation

Meditation is an important part of any spiritual journey. It can help clear the mind and reduce stress, enhance brain chemistry, and improve overall health. Whether you're new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, there are a variety of techniques available to suit your needs.

Sa Ta Na Ma is an ancient kundalini yoga meditation that has been shown to have many benefits. It helps to restructure the mind, clearing the subconscious and ridding it of negative emotions and thoughts.

This meditation is based on the Kundalini Yoga practice of Kirtan Kriya, which is a series of mantras and mudra's combined with visualization. The chanting of the mantra creates vibrations of sacred energy that can bring balance to our body's centers, or chakras.

To begin, sit in a comfortable position with your hands resting on the knees and palms up. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Then sing the five sounds of the mantra - S, T, N, M and A. Start with the first syllable, sung in the index finger and then the middle, ring and little fingers. Repeat with every syllable until you have completed all of the words.

You can also chant this mantra to yourself in three different voices: your singing voice, a whispered voice, and a silent one. The singing voice is a voice of action and should be used, the whispered one is a spiritual voice, and the silent one is your inner self.


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