September 12, 2023

Rose Rolling Papers - How to Make a Rose Blunt

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast who prefers doinks to dabs, or a traditional spliff smoker, you may be familiar with the rose rolling papers that have become popular among cannathusiasts. Made of natural petals, these papers are an opulent alternative to traditional tobacco wraps and hemp-based blunt paper alternatives. Rose petals are known to offer a delicate and flowery flavor that combines well with botanical extracts like those found in CBD oil, tinctures, and vape juices.

Rose petals also contain natural sedative properties that can help to reduce anxiety, ease headaches and combat fatigue. This combination, paired with cannabis, creates a sensory symphony that delights the senses while providing a potent and relaxing experience.

First, wash your rose petals to remove any dirt, pesticide or other unnecessary substances from them. Once washed, lay out your rose petals in an overlapping row on a baking sheet, with the bubble or rounded side facing down. This helps to minimize petal folding when you roll your rose blunt.

Once the rose petals are dry and rolled, you’ll want to add your weed, or cannabis concentrates (if you decide to use them). Using a grinder is fine but try not to over-grind as this can cause your blunt to unravel. Add your weed evenly across the petal wraps and roll it tightly just as you would a Backwood or Swisher. Once rolled, seal your rose blunt with saliva or a dab tool.

Now that you know how to make a rose blunt, you can impress your love one with this unique Valentine’s Day gift or simply enjoy this artisanal smoking experience any time. If you’re ready to give this opulent blunt a try, check out our wide selection of rose-colored Zig-Zag products, including our premium rose cones and wraps made in partnership with CaliGreenGold.


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