September 12, 2023

Rose Pre Rolls

These pre rolls are a beautiful way to add a romantic touch to your smoking experience. They are hand rolled and made with rose petals, offering subtle but delightful flavors and aromas. The rose pre roll cone is also very lightweight and offers a smooth smoke. They can fit up to one (1) gram of your favorite herb.

These unique pre-rolls are hand rolled and tied with natural, organic rose petals and coconut husk filters. They do not contain any toxins or additives, making them a perfect choice for discerning consumers who are looking for a clean and natural smoking experience. They are perfect for those who are new to smoking flower or just looking for a new way to enjoy their cannabis.

The rose petals are washed to remove any dirt, pesticides, and irrelevant substances before being dried and pressed into the pre-rolls. The petals are then glued together with the help of saliva. The saliva acts as a bonding agent, keeping the petals in place and creating a solid blunt wrap. The finished rose pre-rolls are then baked for a few seconds in an oven or broiler to make them hard and ready to be used.

While this trend may have dwindled in the weed industry, rose petals are an opulent alternative to your regular smoking blends. Rose petal blunts can be crafted with a variety of smokable herbs and flowers, as well as extracts. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are strict testing requirements for contaminates like heavy metals and pesticides in the cannabis market. There are no such requirements for rolling papers, which can make it difficult to produce clean and safe rose pre-rolls.


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