September 12, 2023

Rose Petal Pre Rolled Cones From Brxton

If you’re looking to add a touch of class and elegance to your cannabis smoking experience, these rose petal pre-rolled cones from Brxton are just what you need. They’re made from organic, sun-dried rose petals and paired with coconut husk filters, so they’re free of all toxins and additives that can leave behind unwanted flavors in your smoke. When you pull from these beautiful rose cones, it’s a relaxing and soothing experience that lets you enjoy the natural aroma of fresh flowers.

This is one of the most beautiful and unique ways to enjoy your favorite strains, and these rose cones are sure to please discerning customers and impress your staff at your retail store or dispensary. They can fit a gram or more of your favorite dry herb and are accompanied by premium wooden packing sticks for an extra touch of luxury that makes these pre-rolls feel high-end.

Each rose cone begins with a natural grown rosebud and is carefully selected for quality petals before being crafted around an ultra-thin Zig-Zag unbleached king size cone for the perfect convenient shape for packing and burning. They’re packed in a protective plastic tube with a packing tool and a 2-way humidity control pack that will keep them fresh and aromatic until they’re ready to use.

If you’re looking to make your business stand out from the competition, adding these unique rose petal pre-rolls is a great way to draw in new customers and make your business look more upscale. They’re also a great gift for a loved one or just for yourself to enjoy and can be easily refilled with your preferred herb.


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