September 12, 2023

Rose Petal Cones For Smoking

These rose cones are hand-rolled and tied from all-natural rose petals complete with coconut husk filters. They are completely free of toxins and additives for an all-natural smooth slow-burning experience. These premium rosy cones come with a premium wooden tip to increase the aroma and feel of your smoke. The wood also allows for airflow through the tip so that you can inhale more comfortably and reduce ash residue. These gorgeous pre-rolled cones come in three colors each with their own unique and captivating look. They are available in singles or a three-pack for multiple luxurious smokes.

How to use Rose Cones for Smoking

To get the best out of your rose cones, start with a fresh, slightly chunky grind and gently pack them until you reach about halfway. Next, lick the bottom half of each petal and press them together to form a wrap. If the wrap isn’t quite stuck together, re-lick it and put it back into the oven for 10 seconds on broil to dry and fuse them.

When you’re satisfied the wrap is dried and ready for use, simply take a paper tool and fill the rose cones with weed until they are packed to the brim. Then, carefully roll it up like you would any other joint or blunt.

When smoking a rose blunt, you’ll enjoy a deliciously aromatic and flavorful smoke that’s sure to impress your friends. Be sure to only use rose petals that are grown organically and pesticide-free as the petals at your local grocery store probably contain dirt and harmful chemicals that can ruin your weed smoking experience.


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