September 12, 2023

Rose Petal Blunt Cone

A rose petal blunt cone adds a rosy and romantic touch to any smoking experience. The esthetic and aroma of rose petals are believed to enhance the cannabis experience, with users enjoying increased effects and a more pleasant and smooth smoke. Rose petals contain a variety of aromatic terpenes, including the floral-smelling nerolidol.

To make a rose petal blunt, gather about a half-gram of your favorite weed, pesticide-free rose petals, and a small baking sheet. Toast your rose petals a few minutes in the oven to convert their silky-soft selves into a slightly dried and rollable medium for your weed. Line up some ground bud down the center of your petals, then roll your rose wrap tightly like you would a normal blunt. Tuck one edge of the petals under the other and lick the edges together to seal. Tuck and lick as needed until you have an even, thin blunt that looks somewhat like a Backwood or Swisher.

While many people enjoy rose petals alone, they can also be smoked mixed with other herbs and flowers. Popular choices include mint, chamomile, damiana, and mugwort. The addition of these herbal blends is believed to enhance the aroma, flavor, and effects of rose petals. Some believe that smoking rose petals decreases depression symptoms and helps with nicotine-withdrawal symptoms.

Rose cones are the latest in-demand pre-roll, allowing smokers to enjoy a natural alternative to traditional processed tobacco and paper options. These organic, all-natural cones are free of pesticides and heavy metals, and provide a smooth slow-burning smoke. They can be used with any flower or herb, but are especially well suited to mellow flower varieties such as indica and sativa.


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