September 12, 2023

Rose Gar (Rosa Hybrida 'Golden Jubilee')

Rose gar is a very unique and special flower. The petals are often soaked in water and used to prepare desserts like rose sherbet, rose milk and many other sweet dishes in India. They are also sprinkled on ice creams or added to yogurt for a natural flavour.

The 'Jubilee Celebration' rose (Rosa hybrida 'Golden Jubilee') - Growth habit: shrub | DA description: Large single flowers of exceptional color and beauty, with tints of soft gold on the underside of each petal. Repeat-blooming and long-lasting with very good disease resistance. This shrub is very hardy and vigorous, with attractive foliage and spreading growth.

A gardener in training

Many roses are being bred for cold hardiness but breeders also want to add scent to their repertoire, especially those that don't have it in the first place. For instance, the new 'Buck' roses from Griffith J. Buck of Iowa State University and the Easy Elegance roses from Ping Lim were selected primarily for their bloom longevity, but their intense fragrance is a welcome bonus.

The rose 'Sunbelt' from Kordes Roses is another rose that combines a strong performance in warmer zones with a big burst of bloom. And 'Mutajy' from the same company is another fragrant, mildew-resistant cultivar that's very hardy in Zone 3. It is being praised for its beautiful color, great blooming performance and vigorous, healthy growth.


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