March 23, 2023

Remote Viewing Meditation

remote viewing meditation

Remote Viewing Meditation

The ancient art of remote viewing is based on the ability to access extrasensory information from far away. It is a skill that can be learned by anyone and used to help with spiritual growth, healing and psychic ability.

Learning Remote Viewing

To learn the art of remote viewing you need to develop your sensitivity to the sensory information that surrounds you in the moment. This includes colors, sounds, and smells.

Begin your remote viewing meditation by focusing on the sensory information in your immediate environment and becoming aware of it without judgment. The goal is to develop your sensitivity to subtle information that your conscious mind tends to over-interfere with.

During your meditation, you should try to quiet down the highly obstructive conscious mind, which can easily be called the monkey mind. This mental noise can interfere with your ability to connect with a non-local object, event, time or place.

You may wish to start by practicing with pictures of people, landscapes and architecture that are printed on a piece of paper. Ideally, these pictures should be real world images from magazines that don't include people or places you don't want to see.

Once you have a clear picture of the target, you can begin sending your information by thought. The impressions should include specific colors, strong shapes and structures.

At the end of your remote viewing session, you should write down your impressions and any notes you made during the experiment. You should then hand these over to another person, who will act as a judge and evaluate your results.


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