August 22, 2022

Release Negative Energy Meditation: Inner Peace

Release Negative Energy Meditation

People meditate for many reasons. To find inner peace, to feel happier, or sometimes just to relax after a long day. In other cases, people look towards meditation to help with a specific problem. It is very easy to let negativity dictate how we feel. After all, negativity breeds negativity. Once you start having negative thoughts, the flood gates start to open. It can be so hard to turn things around and find the positive. This is why finding a good meditation that focuses on releasing negative thoughts and feelings is very beneficial. Check out the Release Negative Energy Meditation below.

Release Negative Energy Meditation

Sometimes when it comes to negative energy, it can be unclear where it started from. You might not be able to pinpoint something specific happening to you, but you can’t deny the negative feelings are there. The world today is a scary one. Thoughts and emotions are like sponges. We might not be aware of it, but going throughout our daily lives, we are bound to pick up on so many energies and take them in as our own. It can be a vicious cycle that is hard to break. This is why meditation and meditation that focuses directly on the release of negative energy is so crucial.

Practicing Good Visualization

For this specific type of meditation, it is important to close your eyes and practice good visualization. As you inhale, picture 3-4 plus signs. As you exhale, visualize 3-4 minus signs. Once you've done this, you can open your eyes if you choose to. Take your hands and start at the top of your head, scanning your body all the way down. While you do this, visualize the minus signs leaving your body. Almost as if your hands are magnets, and the minus signs are drawn to them. You may feel as if your hands start to tingle, or shake. If this happens, keep them still, and focus on the part of your body where your hands are at. You may want to focus more of your positive energy there. 

You may also picture an inflow of plus signs flowing throughout your body. Once you have reached this state, it is important to shake your hands to rid the negative energy that you extracted during the meditation. You may also picture a bright light, filling your room and covering your body completely. While you visualize this, try and really feel the warmth from the light covering your skin. This is a great way to really create positivity, joy, and peace. It’s a great way to leave you ready to start your day on the right foot. Watch the video below to see other ways to release negativity through meditation. 

Release Negative Energy Meditation

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