May 10, 2021

Relaxing Outdoor Activities: 7 Fun Things To Do

relaxing outdoor activities

According to some studies, being in nature can help relieve stress. This explains why taking a walk every now and then is recommended whenever you are in a stressful situation. In this post, we are sharing seven relaxing outdoor activities that you can do:

Biking: My Favorite of the Relaxing Outdoor Activities

If you are the kind who would like to enjoy a scenic trip, we suggest that you ride a bike.

For one, it gives you the cardio workout you need. Second, it allows you to explore your surroundings without having to burn fuel.

Lastly, you can go biking with a group or solo, whatever floats your boat.


For someone who loves extreme sports, hiking might be for you. This is one of the great relaxing outdoor activities.

Similar to biking, it allows you to explore your surroundings without the need to drive a car. Plus, it will enable you to be in one with nature and enjoy a scenic view as soon as you reach your destination.

Just remember to pack your hiking essentials. This includes your hiking poles, food and water, first aid kit, navigation tool, and more.

Another thing you should ensure is whether you are wearing the appropriate clothes and check the weather forecast for your safety.


Whether you can only go as near as your backyard or traverse to the Yosemite National Park, camping is an excellent way to spend time outdoors. It also compels you to exercise your survival skills.

The best part? You can do this with your family.

And you can do other things to make the most of your camping trip.

Depending on the weather condition, you can explore the skies. There are also camping sites that offer team-building activities. Nonetheless, you can go camping to unwind and have some quiet time.


Lighting a bonfire is something you can do while camping.

Although best done during summer because of the vibe it gives, you are free to host a bonfire party with your family, often in your own back yard with a copper fire pit, as long as it is not the wet season.

However, we suggest that you light a bonfire in a designated area if you are camping or have a pit in your yard. Make sure to properly extinguish the fire when you are done. That way, you are ensuring your safety and that of your surroundings.

So, what can you do during a bonfire party?

Grill some food, make s'mores, and enjoy a conversation with families and friends. Huddle around the fire and make the most out of the quiet time or rowdy talk.

There is nothing more outdoorsy and peaceful than spending time around a bonfire with the people you love.


If you prefer some alone but would also want to stay active, running is for you.

Just like biking and hiking, running allows you to have plenty of exercises while enjoying your surroundings. Plus, jogging at least 30 minutes per day will enable you to reap the following health benefits:

  1. Burn fat. According to some studies, jogging for at least 15 minutes daily helps kickstart your metabolism. Thus, you are encouraging your body to burn fat during and after jogging.
  2. Enhanced mood. Just ten minutes of running encourages your brain to release a significant amount of endorphins, also known as "happy hormones."
  3. Improved sleep quality. Running for 30 minutes regularly allows you to fall asleep faster and deeper. This quality of sleep is crucial for physical recovery.


If you are not into physical activities, yet you still want to achieve peace of mind, you might wish to try gardening.

It may not look tedious, but gardening is also an excellent form of exercise. It can be through carrying a garden pot or trimming the shrubs. As such, gardening also encourages your brain to release endorphins.

But more importantly, it allows you to divert your mind from stressful thoughts. That's because gardening requires mental focus, making your mind busy.

Instead of thinking about your problems, you get to focus on what you need to do to maintain your garden's beauty.

Picnic: Another on of my favorite Relaxing Outdoor Activities

Spending the afternoon having a picnic in your garden is a straightforward way to be outdoors.

Whether you are going solo or doing it with your family, a garden picnic only needs a few things. A picnic blanket, food, and whatever you need for outdoor activity will suffice.

Plus, you don't have to travel far to do it. Your garden or the nearest park will do. As long as you have what you need to enjoy a warm and cozy afternoon, you are good to go.

Life can be Stressful. Spend Time Outdoors. Do Relaxing Outdoor Activities: Relaxing Outdoor Activities

We get it. Life can be stressful.

It would be advisable to walk away from a stressful situation and spend time outdoors in times like this. The activities we have listed above can be an excellent way to help pre-occupy your mind for a while.

That way, you can rest and recharge and come back feeling refreshed. Because when you feel good about yourself, it is easier for you to resolve your stress-inducing situation.

What do you think of these relaxing outdoor activities? Please leave your thoughts below.


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