March 23, 2023

Relaxation Meditation Music 058a by Yellow Brick Cinema

yellow brick cinema relaxation meditation 058a

Relaxing deep sleep music 058a by yellow brick cinema - Meditation Music for Stress Relief, Insomnia, Sleep and Calmness

Whether you want to improve your focus, find relaxation or simply unwind after a long day, our world class composers have created relaxing music combined with binaural beats and state-enhancing frequencies that will help you achieve your goals.

This music album is one of the best relaxation meditation music downloads out there. It is produced by Glenn Harrold, the UK’s most acclaimed self-help audio author and combines powerful meditation techniques with state of the art digital recording technology to bring you deep inner peace and calm.

The hypnotic echoed background affirmations echo and pan from left to right across the stereo range for a unique effect that enhances the overall meditation experience. The 60 beats per minute sound effects & powerful subliminal suggestions all combine to make this meditation track a must have for anyone looking for a deeply soothing trance-like state of mind and body.

Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134 by Yellow Brick Cinema is a one-hour musical masterpiece that is perfect for relaxing in the privacy of your own home. It is a meditative music album that is meant to be heard while practicing a variety of calming and healing practices including healing meditation, yoga and chakra alignment.

The zen-inspired music helps to clear negativity in your subconscious and create a spa like ambiance inside your home. It also relieves stress and promotes relaxation, which is a great way to combat insomnia and get a good night's sleep.


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