January 26, 2024

Rehab Success Rate

rehab success rate

Rehabilitation (rehab) refers to facilities and programs with the expertise to assist those addicted to alcohol and drugs to overcome their addiction. Studies have demonstrated that these tailored treatments tend to have much higher success rates than simply visiting a physician to address symptoms of dependency.

Studies have shown that relapse rates for substance use disorder are comparable to other chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma - evidence that addiction should be considered and treated like any disease. Relapse doesn't always signify failure in rehab - rather, it should serve as another indicator that further treatment might be required to address your substance use disorder.

Time and commitment both play an essential role in how successful your rehabilitation stay will be. Individuals who do not prepare themselves or invest fully in rehab are much less likely to achieve positive results than those who commit fully and come as part of court mandated treatment programs, while entering facilities on their own accord usually have more success with recovery than required court attendance.

Longer rehabilitation programmes (e.g. 90-day) tend to experience higher success rates than shorter programs, possibly because individuals have more time to address any underlying issues that could impede sobriety. Whatever works for you is key; what matters is doing what is needed to overcome substance use disorder.


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