September 12, 2023

Reggie Bush - How to Tell If You're Smoking Reggie Bush

If you’re a cannabis consumer, you probably already know that Reggie weed (or bunk weed) is low-quality, unsatisfactory weed that makes smokers cough and feel terrible after smoking it. Reggie weed is typically what happens when someone throws some seeds in the ground and lets nature take its course until some weed sprouts that’s not worth smoking. Usually, reggie weed has very little THC in it and has an unpleasant taste and smell that reflects its poor quality.

A good way to tell if you’re smoking reggie weed is by the color. Compared to top shelf weed, reggie bush will have dull, murky colors with no exciting pops of purple or gold. It will also be dry, and likely have a powdery texture that’s not pleasant to the touch or inhale. It will also have a musty or chemical aroma.

Another way to tell if you’re smoking Reggie is by the smell. It will probably smell like dirt or stale cigarettes. It will also have a very bad high, which will not be enjoyable at all. Reggie weed will make you feel drained and sluggish, and it won’t provide any relief from stress or pain. Reggie weed is not worth your money, so don’t waste it on this garbage. Instead, pick up some top-notch weed that will make you smile and feel great.


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