September 12, 2023

Red Raspberry Leaf Smoking and Pregnancy

Red raspberry leaf has a number of medicinal compounds including tannins, flavonoids, ellagic acid,vitamin A, C, potassium and calcium. They are useful in treating several diseases like diabetes, menstrual cramps and fertility disorders. Smoking of these herbs is a popular way to consume them and it has been used by many cultures throughout history. These herbal cigarettes do not contain nicotine and they can be used as a substitute for regular tobacco.

Raspberry leaves work by expanding blood vessels which increases blood flow and relaxes certain muscles in the pelvic region. This relieves the pain that women experience during their periods. It also relieves some of the symptoms of PMS.

The aim of this systematic integrative review was to examine the research literature and identify the biophysical effects, safety and efficacy of raspberry leaf in pregnancy. This was achieved by assessing 6 databases (CINAHL, Cochrane Library, Medline, Scopus and Web of Science Core Collection) for empirical studies. This included both observational and experimental studies, and animal and in vitro laboratory studies. This was supplemented by searching citations from identified articles.

The results of the studies included in this review show that raspberry leaf can be used to reduce the length of second stage augmentation and shorten labour in high risk pregnancies. These findings are similar to those of previous clinical trials of other labour stimulants. However, the evidence of safety and efficacy of this herb is still limited. Further trials are required to establish the true benefits of this herb for both antenatal and perinatal use.


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