March 23, 2023

Ram Dass Meditation

ram dass meditation

Ram Dass meditation is an ancient meditation that uses the breath as the object of attention. It's a simple technique that helps to quiet the mind and connect to our inner Self.

Practicing this meditation will help us to become aware of the thoughts that we think and how they affect our lives, and will also help us to become more present in our daily lives. It will allow us to see how our egos are playing a game with our minds, and it will give us the chance to come back to our breath and to be aware of that which is our true selves.

The meditation is guided by Ram Dass, who is a spiritual teacher, psychologist and counter-culture icon. He is the author of Be Here Now, a spiritual classic and is widely respected as an advocate for meditation and heightened consciousness.

For over 50 years, Ram Dass has been a student and teacher of the spiritual path. He has helped thousands of people throughout several generations to discover the path of enlightened living and to experience consciousness in many different ways.

Over the years, he has pursued a panoramic array of spiritual methods and practices from potent ancient wisdom traditions including bhakti or devotional yoga focused on the Hindu deity Hanuman; Buddhist meditation in the Theravadin, Mahayana Tibetan and Zen Buddhist schools; Sufi and Jewish mystical studies; and karma yoga or spiritual service. He continues to uphold the boddhisatva ideal for others through his compassionate sharing of true knowledge and vision.


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