March 23, 2023

Pyramid Meditation

pyramid meditation

How to Meditate with a Pyramid

A new type of meditation, involving sitting beneath one of these structures is becoming popular. Its effects include increased relaxation, enhanced sense-perceptions and improved concentration.

The physical structure of a pyramid influences our energetic fields in powerful ways, amplifying the specific frequencies and energies we absorb from the universe. This resonance makes pyramids an ideal place to meditate because it allows for deeper connection with the divine.

Benefits of Meditation with a Pyramid

The pyramid energy from the apex of the structure, combined with the positive flow of cosmic energy, accelerates the relaxation process, bringing feelings of calmness, well-being and an open attitude. The positive energy gathered by the pyramid, activates the pineal gland and the chakras in the human body.

Spiritual and psychic impressions, out-of-body experiences, enhanced dreams and visions and vivid visual imagery are also reported by those who practice this form of meditation. It also helps protect the psyche from negative energy or energy vampires, who drain and deplete our energy in unnatural and unhealthy ways.

The use of a pyramid in meditation can help you achieve the deepest state of relaxation possible. It can help you reach a heightened level of awareness and enlightenment, allowing for spiritual healing and manifestation. It can also help you focus on your breath and channel positive vibrations into your mind and body.


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