March 19, 2023

Public Health Requirements for USG Institutions

institutions are required by the us public health service to do which of the following

Institutions are required by the u.s. public health service to do which of the following:

- Admissions, enrollment or re-enrollment for students who are not enrolled in a USG institution or who have withdrawn from the institution; and - Dual Enrollment Programs that enable academically talented high school students to enroll in college courses while they are still in high school. The requirements of admission, enrollment and re-enrollment for these programs are set forth in the University of Georgia Academic & Student Affairs Handbook.

2. Institutions must establish and maintain a program that ensures appropriate care and use of research animals.

The Public Health Service requires institutions that receive PHS funds for research, research training or biological testing involving animals to establish and maintain a program that ensures the proper care of research animals. To be in compliance with these requirements, an institution may either: (a) be accredited by AAALAC or - as required by the PHS - complete a self-evaluation of its animal research programs; or (b) obtain a statement of assurance from the PHS stating that it has established and maintains a program that ensures the proper care and use of animals.

3. Financial Conflicts of Interest During Investigation and Submission of Proposals

Investigators who are involved in the design, conduct or reporting of sponsored research at the University must disclose their Significant Financial Interests, as defined in this policy. The disclosure must be made to the Conflicts Coordinator2 and should include supporting documentation that identifies the business enterprise or entity involved, the nature and amount of the interest, and any other information that may be relevant to determining whether a financial conflict of interest exists.


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