March 19, 2023

Psychonauts 2 - How Much Health Does Raz Have?

how much health does raz have

How much health does raz have?

Razputin is a member of the Psychonauts and has three brains’ worth of Mental Health. He can extend his mental health meter by collecting PSI Pops, or two Half-a-Minds.

He also has a strong immune system thanks to his high white blood cell count and his lymph nodes, which help him fight off germs. This is important because having a healthy immune system will protect you from disease and illness, even after you’re grown up.

Lymph nodes are a type of tissue in the body that helps fight off bacteria, fungi and viruses. They are a vital part of your immune system, and they are very easy to check.

You can tell how much white blood cells a person has by looking at the lymph nodes on their skin, but you can also check the lymph nodes under your armpit. If they’re not swollen or hard, you know that your immune system is working properly.

In Psychonauts 2, he has two PSI powers, Levitation and Projection, which can be used to slow down and control his descent and to make jumps easier in platforming. He can also use Levitation in the air to create a balloon which will allow him to glide through the air.

There’s also a new Glyph Master version of Raz, who can be found at The Spire in Colossal Crops. If you can defeat him, he will drop a Spire Artifact and an Explosive Bow Mythic weapon. This is a great way to get XP for your battle pass.


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