January 10, 2022

Productivity Apps for Work-Life Balance for Remote Culture

As per statistics, 27 percent of remote workers have trouble with disconnecting from their devices after working. To maximize their productivity during work hours, business and technology have come up with various productivity apps and tools to help balance work and family time. In this way everyone will be happy and can easily manage the new remote environment.

From Pandora of apps available for assisting remote work, the critical factor is to choose the right app that suits your needs and enables you to increase productivity. Following are some essential aspects to keep in mind when selecting applications, so that you are getting the most of them.

1. All in one App: Find apps that are focused on multiple aspects of collaboration and productivity for teams. So, you won't need to switch between applications that could waste your time.

Let's say you're searching for a PDF Scanning App. The primary objective is to find a program to scan a document and then convert to PDF while you work. Other than that there are other useful features such as the creation of editable text documents for your team to add or modify documents by using the OCR feature electronically signed or stamped to get approvals, and finally to crop the document to get additional approval or to improve the appearance of the document using various filters. File sharing and cloud storage is an added advantage too. Document scanning applications today offer multiple functions in one application. So, you'll be able to effectively manage your time and as well complete similar tasks using only one application that includes a document scanning application.

2. Simplicity and ease of use: It is not fun to spend time trying to understand how an app does its work. Thus, it is best to choose apps that are compatible on both desktops and on mobile. The mobile friendly aspect is crucial in remote working.

Furthermore, the app you select should feature an intuitive interface as well as simple navigation.So it's more likely members of your group can manage every task with ease and without any difficulty.

3. Must have File sharing & Cloud storage : Cloud-based applications play a crucial function in the modern workplace particularly those who work remotely. This option ensures that all data is saved online, making it available to everyone on the team.

If you telecommute, you'll most likely require collaboration with your colleagues on a variety of files. To make this more efficient your team will definitely benefit from file sharing online. Therefore, the software you pick for your team must include these alternatives, too. Sharing files can help the team to work together in different documents, audio or video files. Modify them, or accept some modifications. So, everyone will feel as if you're at the same place, even though you're miles from one another.

4. Apps with integration: Make sure you choose tools that seamlessly integrate with other programs. Integrations can make you more productive as it won't be necessary to switch between different tools.

For instance, you could use your time tracking application to connect with a tool for managing projects. So, when you're working on a project in the project management application you'll be able begin a timer in the project management application. As you'd expect, this integration can meet your time monitoring and task management requirements by a single click.

Remote workers use remote tools to provide essential business functions and the balance between work and life including collaboration, communication projects, managing projects, work schedules, remote employee monitoring and much more. If you require help in any of these areas the following five apps that will forever alter your life as a remote worker:

1. Work-life balance App: It helps you organize your day to day goals for personal as well work purposes. This provides users with statistics, so you can track your progress every day.

Way of Life ​App is an effective program for balancing your life at work that will aid you in maintaining your healthy practices, and to help you break bad habits. You'll be able to succeed by setting your goals for the week and day and keeping track of whether you've met these goals or not.

It is possible to keep a diary for each of your habits, so that you can label the items in the form of "done," "not done," or "skipped." Your progress in your daily routine is shown visually in the form of trends lines.The highlight feature lets you set custom durations for your streaks using Chains. For instance, you could create an objective that requires you to avoid sugar for three days, then break for the next day.

Available for: Android, iOS

2. File Scanning & Sharing App

While some of the most recent tools for managing projects and collaboration include the top file-sharing tools available on their platforms however, you can utilize them on their own.

QuickScan App, a PDF scanning application is among the top tools to scan, save and store the files on the cloud, or share documents with your team. The platform allows fast scanning and the organization of documents. Users can also automatically create links to files and then make them accessible to only a few.

The highlight features of the app include OCR-PDF file to text conversion, Secure PIN/password addition, Annotation features to edit, E-sign documents, add filters to the documents for enhanced visuals.

Available for: Android, iOS

3. Work-Scheduling

In terms of work scheduling, team organization event sharing, team organisation, and management of availability, Teamup Calendar is among the best alternatives. It has a straightforward user interface, which makes it easy to understand even for novices. It also gives users full control over their privacy, despite needing to communicate information of their activities and availability on the platform. For managers and employees who work remotely of teams that work remotely from home, this may be the ideal device to boost the team's organization.

4. App for managing projects

The most common obstacle in achieving your goals is having a clear idea of what you would like to accomplish or not having a clear plan for how to implement it. There are many software for managing your project to ensure it is easier and simpler to manage. Trello is among the most effective tools to manage your projects efficiently. It offers a simple interface, with cards and boards for hyperlinks, files, deadline dates, photos and much more. Furthermore, there is no limit on the number of people who could be added to a groups on this platform.

5. Communication

Today, with the advancements in technology as well as the increase in tools for communication remote workers will face lesser issues communicating and collaboration. Making use of Slack as an example surpasses any email that can assist you achieve. The program lets users create as many chat channels as they want, with the support of sharing images, files as well as videos. The program also works with other applications, like Twitter and Dropbox to streamline the way people can communicate.

Wrapping up

There are a few hurdles when working remotely but a lack of tools is not among them.This blog article walks you through the top productivity tools designed that are suitable for workers who work remotely. In addition, we discussed several of the essential features of productivity tools, such as having a variety of features that are user-friendly and offering options like integrations and cloud storage.

The tools that we have discussed in this article will assist you keep up with your remote team's communication, and keep your priorities on track and in sync with your team's priorities and work just as effectively (if not better) than if you were in an office.


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