Selenite Tower Crystal 8"

A Selenite tower is a great way to ground a space's spiritual energy and physically enlighten it. Keep reading to see what makes our large  towers so special. Furthermore, the reflecting stripes of light that these give off is truly remarkable. This phenomenon of light refracting within the crystal is something that can only be truly experienced in person. Pictures do not show the full extent of the beauty of Selenite.

These are guaranteed to cleanse the surrounding space from negative spiritual joo-joo. You will notice a fresh enlightened space within a few days of them being there. Enjoy these amazing pieces of charged Satin Spar Selenite.

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  • Selenite Crystal Large Towers 8'' / Skyscraper - Reiki
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Selenite Tower Frequently Asked Questions:


How To Use The Tower?

Because of it's high vibration, Selenite is best used to activate the crown chakra and the energy that flows beyond. Located around 6 inches from the top of your head is the Soul Star Chakra.

Where To Place Selenite Tower

Selenite works great in your living room, perhaps on a shelve or a coffee table. Also, be careful to place it in a secure place as it is a very fragile crystal. I also recommend placing Selenite in your bedroom, giving you an angelic sleep.

How To Cleanse Selenite Tower

Simply cleanse your Selenite by placing it in moonlight (especially if it is a full moon). You can also place in in the sun but this would be more of a charge verse cleanse. Lastly, you can just burn some sage nearby to cleanse your Selenite.

How To Use Selenite Tower To Cleanse Crystals

Spiritually cleanse other crystal rock's energy by placing them next to the Selenite.

How To Use A Selenite Tower

You don't use Selenite to do anything physical, this is a more spiritual energy that the crystal will generate on its own. As a matter of fact, you do not have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the spiritual opulence of this crystal.

Selenite Tower Benefits

Cleansing, charging and enlightening are some of the basic benefits of Selenite.

Selenite Tower Price

In conclusion, keep reading to see our current price for a large tower.

selenite tower


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