September 12, 2023

Princess Haze Strain Review

Princess haze strain is an imperial sativa strain that delivers high-quality yield, stunning bag appeal and lasting potency. This strain has been made by crossing the Princess & Super Silver Grail Haze strains and the result is an awesome sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers a tingly body and mind buzz.

The bud structure is thick and dense with great deals of foliage compacted right into little volume. The color of the buds is dark eco-friendly with orange pistils emerging all over to give the ache green leaves an orange tint. The buds themselves are covered in a light trichome dusting that does not entirely disclose how resinous this strain is.

Princess Haze has a deliciously wild flavor profile that is studded with sweet tropical scents that mix amongst acrid skunky and funky BO-like smellers. This strain is a joy to smoke as it has a mildly tingly body high that leaves you with a spiritual glow & the desire to get up and moving without any aches or pains.

This is an excellent strain to smoke during the day as it provides a nice energized yet relaxed feeling that can be helpful with getting tasks done or just for exploring. This is a terrific option for those with mood disorders like depression or stress and anxiety as it provides an immediate rush of sativa effects that can lift the spirits while reducing tension. This is an outstanding choice for those who need a quick pick-me-up and can be grown indoors or out.


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