May 1, 2024

Princess Diana Piercing: A Detailed Guide to Procedure, Care, and Jewelry

All You Need to Know About the Princess Diana Piercing

Discovering the Princess Diana Piercing

Among the plenitude of available genital piercings, a lesser-known candidate stands out distinctively - The Princess Diana Piercing. It's a unique double piercing style located on both sides of the clitoris, running through the clitoral hood, much like the vertical clitoral hood piercing (VCH).

The Princess Diana Piercing Procedure

As unique as it may be, the procedure for the Princess Diana Piercing closely follows that of the regular vertical clitoral hood piercing. There are two piercing canals that start at the bottom of the clitoris and merge at the top, and the procedure is performed from a low to high direction. Importantly, it avoids piercing the clitoris itself.

Healing Time and Aftercare

Generally, the healing time for the Diana Piercing is quite expedient, usually requiring about four weeks for the initial stage. However, proper aftercare is crucial for swift and complication-free healing.

Do’s and Don’ts for Aftercare

It is recommended to clean the piercing using a disinfectant solution like the ProntoLind spray and gel, while also ensuring to wash hands before making contact. Avoid any usage of alcohol or chlorine cleaning solutions, as they can be excessively harsh on the sensitive area. If possible, the customer should attempt to ensure that urine acts as healing agent, which could speed up the recuperation.

Jewelry Selection for Princess Diana Piercing

When choosing the right jewelry for the Diana Piercing, the 1.6mm banana ring is commonly recommended. The idea is to adapt the jewelry to the customer's specific anatomy, aiming for comfort and aesthetic appeal combined. Typically, a 12-gauge or larger curved barbell is preferred, given that it curbs the risk of falling out.

Sensation and Stimulation

The stimulation offered by the Diana Piercing mirrors that of a vertical clitoral hood piercing. However, it could potentially provide more sensation owing to the placement of the balls in proximity to either side of the clitoris.

Alternatives to Princess Diana Piercing

For those seeking different variations in intimations or eyeing a mix, the Magic Cross piercing could serve as an alternative. It can be executed in a horizontal, vertical, or combined orientation to offer diverse stimulation possibilities.

Precautions and Considerations

It’s significant to remember that resuming sexual activity immediately post the piercing is discouraging. Patience is suggested for at least a few days, if not more, to allow adequate healing and prevention of irritation. Moreover, daily checks of the beads using clean hands is crucial to mitigate the risk of them coming loose and potentially getting lost.

The Uncharted Popularity of Princess Diana Piercing

The obscurity of the Diana Piercing can be attributed to lack of awareness and the tendency of the results to often include more pictures of Princess Diana herself than the piercing. Nevertheless, it provides an opportunity for conversation and further dialogue. Feel free to continue the discussion through the comments section!

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