September 21, 2022

Preventative Plans for Prostate Cancer

Like any other condition, risk factors can increase the development of a specific health problem. To lower your odds of diseases such as prostate cancer, you need to learn more about the risk factors and take preventative measures that slow the development or reduce the odds altogether. Staying healthy can stave off prostate cancer and other health problems while increasing your overall well-being.

Increase Vitamin D Intake

Eating foods full of vitamin D can help, such as wild salmon and mushrooms. If adding these foods to your diet is not easy, you can take supplements to boost your intake. Sunlight is another way to increase vitamin D levels. Skin exposure to the sun allows the body to take in ultraviolet B rays with the protein known as 7-DHC, which converts into vitamin D. This mineral breaks down into calcitriol, a compound that slows down the growth of prostate cells, amongst other conditions and types of cancer.

Eat Healthier

Obesity is one of the risk factors associated with prostate; therefore, you need to eat healthier and maintain a healthy weight. The best foods to add to your preventative diet include fatty fish and vegetables, especially leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, and collard greens. Consuming tomatoes can also slow the growth of prostate cells due to the lycopene in the food, which is a necessary antioxidant. Lowering your PSA levels by drinking more green tea and avoiding sugary beverages like sodas would be an excellent idea.

Stay Physically Active

To prevent prostate cancer, it’s necessary to decrease your blood sugar levels, and regular exercise can help. Walking is one of the best exercises, swimming and bicycling. By lowering your blood pressure with these physical activities, your insulin levels can decrease and reduce inflammation. These vital benefits stave off prostate enlargement and keep you in suitable physical, mental, and emotional health. When visiting prostate cancer testing facilities and conducting routine checkups with your family physician, it is essential to learn more about the disease and preventative measures.

No Smoking

Tobacco products can lead to various health conditions, including prostate cancer. Therefore, it is crucial to stop this habit and pick up others, such as increased social engagement, gym workouts, reading, and more. Consuming tobacco, particularly cigarettes, could affect circulating hormone levels. Smoking could also increase your exposure to carcinogens. Both issues harm the prostate and can lead to enlargement in many cases. In addition to smoking, it would be an excellent preventative measure to stop drinking alcoholic beverages, including beer and liquor.

Remember that prostate cancer testing should always be on your prevention list to ensure you are in good health or to help you create effective lifestyle changes. The tips mentioned above are excellent measures to take when boosting your health.


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