September 12, 2023

Pre Rolled Rose Cones From Herbal Goods

When it comes to weed smoking there are still a large number of cannabis consumers who prefer the old-school smoked experience. The right pre rolled cone will open up your product to this growing group and help you grow your business.

These rose cones from Herbal Goods are made with organic, ethically-harvested, hand-picked, washed rose petals. They are complemented with all-natural coconut husk filters providing a smooth, clean, floral and slow smoke. Each rose cone holds up to one (1) gram of your favorite weed.

These cones come in a plastic tube and include a packing tool and humidity control pack to keep them fresh and aromatic until ready to use. They are packaged individually and come in 3 possible rose color varieties.

The Rose Cones from Herbal Goods are a beautiful addition to your flower offerings. These all-natural, king size rose cones will fit plenty of dry herb and provide a unique, slow-burning experience. The artisan crafted rose cones are free of harmful chemicals, glues, dyes or pesticides and they taste as delicious as they look.

Adding pre-rolls to your offering is a sure-fire way to boost your revenue and brand image. They are easy to make, cost-effective, and they open up your product to a much larger audience. The right pre-rolled cone will create a positive impression, and it can make the difference between you making a sale or not. Marijuana Packaging has become an industry leading one-stop-shop for all the essential equipment and supplies you need to successfully add pre-rolls to your company at a start-up price that even beginners can afford.


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