September 12, 2023

Pre Rolled Herbal Joints

Our pre rolled herbal joints (also known as herbal smokes, Herbs & Flowers Prerolls or Herb Tokes) are 100% organic and contain NO tobacco/nicotine, ZERO cannabis/weed/THC, and NO chemicals or additives. They are crafted with love and care with raw hemp paper & high flow cellulose filters.

Feel your heart open with this sensual blend of herbs that help with self-love, intimate time and connection with others. With aphrodisiac and sedative properties, it calms the mind and enhances intuition and creativity. Perfect for those ready to connect with the divine, this is a great smoke to take before a meditation, yoga or any other kind of Self Ceremony.

The heart of this calming blend is organic Mullein and Skullcap, with a touch of Lemon Balm and Lavender. It also contains chamomile, passionflower and catnip for a smooth and gentle herbal smoke. Relaxing and balancing, it helps to ease overthinking, anxiety and fears that can cause depression. This is a very supportive herb and great for those ready to kick their old smoking habits! For legal use only.


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