January 30, 2024

Practicing Asana Yoga

asana yoga

Asanas are physical postures of yoga. By regularly performing asanas, practitioners are able to maintain good health so that they may sit for extended meditation sessions, expanding the mind as it gains new understandings and experiences through life. Furthermore, practicing asana helps strengthen concentration.

Asana practice can be done both physically and more deeply, with mindful attention paid to breath, sensations, reverberations and prana flow through nadis. A more intense asana practice could include mantras or chanting for added effect. For optimal practice it should be done at what's known as your "intelligent edge," not so challenging that you cannot complete it but challenging enough that you need to put in effort towards mastery of each pose.

When engaging in full asana poses, an individual should aim to maintain that position for at least a minute and their breathing remains normal. Prolonged stay will benefit their digestive systems as lying down with an overly full stomach can put strain on organs causing pressure points that lead to health issues.

Asana practice requires balance, core strength and flexibility. People with back or knee injuries should not participate. Before beginning asana practice, always inform your yoga instructor if there are any medical conditions or physical restrictions so they can ensure the poses won't exacerbate existing health conditions.


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